Get the best from your cleaner

Checking up on your cleaners

Please resist the urge to “hover” around whilst our cleaners are working as it is likely to be off-putting for both of you. We recommend that you initially check the standard of work after each cleaning session before moving to less frequent inspections once you feel more confident in the cleaners’ ability.

It may take 2–3 visits for your cleaners to “tune in” to your exact requirements and develop the optimum cleaning routine for your home. Please be patient, make a note of any deficiencies so that you can ‘coach’ the cleaners before they begin the next cleaning session.

We receive very few complaints about the competence of our staff; however, if persistent problems occur please let us know. Very often competence is a matter of personal preference.

Distractions for our cleaners

Although we want you to make your cleaners feel at home, please realise that prolonged chatting will inevitably mean that less work gets done.

Safe working environment

We have an obligation to our staff that they will be working in a safe environment. Therefore our staff work under the following restrictions Health and Safety reasons and were imposed by our insurance company.

  • Electrical items are to be cleaned with dry cloths only.
  • Electrical sockets and extensions of any kind are not to be touched at all.
  • Our staff are only able to clean things within their normal comfortable reach They are not permitted to use equipment or items that extend their reach. This includes ladders, chairs and tables for example.
  • Our staff will not be permitted to use any electrical sockets or extensions that they feel are unsafe or overloaded.
  • Our staff are not permitted to work externally, for example cleaning windows, as this is not covered by our insurance.

Our Services

Our Domestic Cleaning services are specifically tailored to suit specific clients’ needs. We work in teams of two and offer a totally flexible cleaning service.



From daily tasks of keeping your washrooms and working areas clean to one-off deep cleans of office spaces or periodic cleaning of carpets, we follow high standards of management and vigilance.



Our staff are trained on how to identify which type of upholstery you have which is critical to get the best results and avoid any damage to your soft furnishings.



We use safe and effective non toxic cleaning products along with the latest and most powerful carpet cleaning machines available, ensuring excellent results and quick drying times.


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